International Elders Day Ceremony and Tournament 2019

The Department of Social Service is a key institution of the government that attends to the welfare of the senior citizens residing in the Western Province.

Our Department has already implemented multiple programmes to provide the senior citizens with opportunity to lift themselves up on their own strength putting an end to the mentality of dependence of the senior citizens as well as to seeing to their welfare aspects with the objective of uplifting their living standards.

There also exists a timely necessity to absorb the traditionally cultivated good qualities and knowledge owned by the elders through the participatory contribution from the state and private sectors at a time when the onus on the social core systems and social values are being faced with decadence.

Arrangements have been made to hold the Provincial Elders Day Commemorative Ceremony on 30.09.2019 at 8.00 a. m. with the participation of about 1000 elders for the purpose of accomplishing the above goals and availing themselves of the opportunity to recognize and appreciate them.

In addition to this, steps have been taken to hold a tournament for elders during the year 2019 in parallel to the International Elders Day.


  • To widen the opportunities for elders living in the Western Province.
  • To bring to light the knowledge and skills of artistic talents of the elders.
  • To enhance the mental health of the elders.
  • To foster the amity among the elders committees and boards (Bala Mandala).
  • To evaluate and empower the performance of the elders boards (Bala Mandala).