Services and projects provided by the Department









01. Pairs of spectacles

02. Contact lenses

03. Audio equipment

04. Hand rests

05. Crutches

06. White canes

07. Four footer walking sticks

08. Single walking sticks

09. Walkers (walking aids)

10. Wheel chairs

11. Wheel chairs with commodes

12. Tricycles

13. Artificial legs

14. Artificial hands

15. Califas shoes

16. Water mattresses

17. Pneumatic


18. Special wheel chairs

01.  Public assistance

02. Assistance for ailments

  1. Thalassemia
  2. Tuberculosis
  3. Cancer
  4. Leprosy
  5. Special surgery assistance
  6. Kidney assistance

03. Nutrition assistance

04. Medical assistance

05. Self-employment


06. Maintenance assistance (Homes and day care centres for the aged / disabled)

07. Ad hoc assistance

08. Special assistance (for homes for the aged and disabled)

09. Incidental relief      (provisionally suspended)




01. Elderly persons being resided in houses.

02. Disabled persons being resided in houses.

03. Provision of

vocational training to disabled persons and their empowerment.

04. Provision of vocational training to single mothers.

05. Improvement of the local food culture.

06. Supervision, classification and evaluation of the homes for the aged and disabled.

07. Conduct of training programmes to staffs of the homes for the aged and disabled.

08. Registration of the homes for the aged and disabled.

09. Judicial matters.

10. Processing of identity cards of the employees of homes for the aged and disabled.

11. Development, exposure and appraisal of sporting skills of the disabled persons.

12. Exposure and appraisal of artistic talents of the elders and disabled persons.

13. Training of disabled persons for vocations.

14. House detention, rehabilitation and social reintegration of inmates referred by the Hon. courts of law under the Vagrancy Ordinance.

1. Social dialogue.

2. Development projects of vocational training units.

3. Spirituality development project of the pregnant mothers.

4. Motivational projects of education for O/L qualified children receiving education assistance. 

5. Income generating projects (low income earners, widowed and disabled)

6. Cultivation projects for low income earners.

01. Suwa Sevana


02. Diriya Matha

Project for Widowed.

03. Athahitha Project.

04. Asarana Sarana


05. Du puthu Mapiya

Sarana Project.

06. Ran Da Bindu


07. Ape Sonduru

Paula Programme.