Introduction to the Institution


To extend a helping hand to helpless and marginalized groups of people in the Western Province, their rehabilitation and reintegration into the social mainstream as citizens with contented life preventing them from being subject to such situations through various methods.


The mission of the Department is to efficiently carry on with the welfare services including the provision of relief to the poor and helpless groups of community within the Western Province, provision of assistance to those suffering from serious and critical illnesses, rehabilitation of poor families in destitution, taking care of the welfare of the disabled, provision of accommodation facilities to persons who cannot engage in an employment due to disability and to those extremely helpless elders and detention and rehabilitation of the women referred by the orders of the courts of law under the Vagrancy Ordinance.

Our target group

  • Destitute and helpless persons living in the Western Province
  • Persons with physical, mental and social disabilities
  • Helpless elderly persons
  • Women referred by courts of law under the Vagrancy Ordinance
  • Voluntary organizations providing services to elderly and disabled persons

Our objectives

  1. Empowerment of poor families by granting them public assistance and monthly allowance.
  2. Extending support towards curing the poor families suffering from tuberculosis, cancer, thalassemia and leprosy by providing them with assistance.
  3. Rendering assistance of nutrition and education, medical facilities, assistance for emergency surgeries etc. to persons of low income under special aid.
  4. Provision of collective support to registered voluntary organizations and institutions that look after and care for elders and disabled persons by keeping them residentially and supervision of such establishments.
  5. Facilitation of the relief deserved poor persons with disabilities by providing them with pairs of spectacles, audio equipment, wheel chairs, tricycles, hand rests, crutches, white walking canes, artificial limbs, contact lenses etc. in order to enable them to go about in their day to day work with ease.
  6. Establishment and maintenance of houses / institutions for persons with deformities and mental retardation.
  7. Establishment and maintenance of homes for the elders / institutions for senior citizens and inheriting them with comfortable lives having them rehabilitated physically and spiritually.
  8. Providing protection to women referred by the courts of law under the Vagrancy Ordinance and training them on vocations and moral values with rehabilitation.
  9. Preparation of the conducive environment to bring the citizens of the Western Province into the social mainstream having them developed with spiritual aspects.